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The point of view of Russian Stalinists on the war in Ukraine

✅ War is the worst crime that the ruling class can commit against the working people.

Massive anti-war demonstrations show that the world has entered a «new reality», where people from different countries consider military aggression unacceptable. However, the core of anti-war speeches is now Western capitalism and its propaganda machine. If the imperialists keep control over the masses, they will have a free hands in many aspects.

Starting with sanctions against Russian oligarchs (which we warmly welcome), Western organizations have reached Russophobia and the principle of collective responsibility. Now they are boycotting artists, disabled people, scientists and even cats from the Russian Federation. Behind the veil of insane rhetoric, there is a repartition of the international energy, capital, weapons, IT, and food markets. If this wheel continues to spin, we will see a replacement of the relatively sane Biden and Scholz to politicians who are not afraid to enter the Third World War in the name of «peace in Ukraine.»

✅ Do Russians want wars?

Why are there no mass anti-war protests in Russia? Because many Russians consider the war in Donbass as their own. In their understanding, since 2014 there is a one-sided war against the people with whom they identify themselves, and now they have finally retaliated for the first time. We fully share their feelings, but we cannot replace the analysis of the situation with feelings.

The regime in Russia is authoritarian. The regime in Ukraine is ultra-right.

Since 2014, with the direct support of the West, a fascist regime has been established in Ukraine. This is not Putin’s invention, Stalinists  warned about it since 2014. The fact that Putin uses this as his argument does not change anything in objective reality — verbal magic does not work.
Now the Ukrainian regime is radicalizing, which is natural during a war. In the Russian Federation, we also see an apex tendency to tighten the regime. We consider the closure of Russian media and criminal prosecution for fakes unacceptable. These laws will not put an end to fakes, but will only introduce a monopoly on fakes. It is necessary to develop critical thinking among the people, and not to replace belief in one lie with belief in another.

Those who insist that the regime in Russia is fascist can come out (or ask their friends to come out) in Kiev with a poster “No war with Donbass!”. This will allow you to learn in practice the difference between authoritarianism and fascism. Unfortunately, people who are now emotionally fighting for peace do not understand that those territories that the Russian army will leave will remain under the control of the far right. The situation is much more complicated than the propaganda of Kiev and Washington tells us. In 1943, the United States invaded Italy, and in 1944 France. But should we blame them for that?

If the Russian Armed Forces are now overthrowing the ultra-right regime, then why don’t we still draw the letter Z on our foreheads and replace “Proletarians of all countries, unite” with the slogan “Work, brothers”?

Some of our comrades are refugees from Ukraine, they ardently support the Russian Armed Forces. But sober assessments show that:

★ We have no guarantees that the Putin regime is not being fascistized;

★ Putin’s regime in the center and in the zones of influence is very different (like any liberal regime in the metropolis and neo-colonies — the center maintains the appearance of democracy, and undisguised terror is exported);

★ The shelling of cities will spur Russophobic and nationalist sentiments.

The tragedy of the common people, who are now under shelling, will become a problem that the Russian authorities, stuck in the mind in tsarism and the White Guard, are not able to understand. They do not take into account how the attitude towards Russia will change, and are not afraid to go against the opinion of the people (by the people we mean all working people, not urban madmen), forgetting that this is not the 19th century. Thanks to this war, the population of old Nazis will be reduced in Ukraine — but there will be more new ones.

The invasion in Ukraine was preceded by the successful obstruction by the US of the launch of Nord Stream 2.

Putin’s appeal to the Russians could be reduced to the phrase: «Uncle Sam vilely shitted us in the gas pipeline, and I’ll shit him in his puppet state for this.» Although the situation with NATO and the Donbass is generally correctly described by Putin, it does not explain the need for immediate action.
Despite the obstruction of legitimate trade, Russia is not at all placed in catastrophic conditions that make it impossible for the peaceful development of the country. Human life is the highest priority, and the Kremlin should have focused on scientific and technological breakthroughs, not military achievements. But the semi-monarchist mentality of the authorities is again dragging the country down, setting false priorities and not allowing them to see real threats.

We believe that Putin’s special operation is «worse than a crime, it’s a mistake.»

In the long term, it will have negative political consequences for Ukraine. It was necessary to take into account the experience of the US and USSR invasion of Afghanistan, the US invasion of Iraq, their support for the Saudi invasion of Yemen, etc. Reactionary moods will triumph in Ukraine, and that cannot be eliminated as simply as rebuilding the destroyed areas.
It will also have a bad effect on Russia, cut off by sanctions from world science and technology, and cut off from modern culture through the efforts of the Russian authorities. The economic consequences of sanctions will come back around for a long time to come. In addition, we are waiting for a round of planting chauvinism, Orthodoxy and antediluvian «family values» that are no longer beneficial to anyone (except for a small segment of men who are not able to integrate into modern society).

✅ We will not accept the support of any bourgeois government.

We condemn the unconditional support of one warring regime against another, this is incompatible with leftist views. We support Ukrainian anti-fascists, both those who fled the country and those who remained. These are our brothers with whom we have nothing to share.

We also draw attention to the fact that a number of «left» organizations in the situation of any war consistently serve as mouthpieces of imperialism. People who supported the Maidan and the attempts to change the regimes of Gaddafi, Chavez, Assad, Lukashenko to even more reactionary forces are reliable experts to plunge any country into hell. What makes an organization left is a class approach and following the interests of the proletariat, and not the word «left» in the title.

We draw your attention to the fact that the supply of weapons and equipment, which the West is currently serving to the Kiev authorities, has recently led to the total destruction of Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, part of Iraq and the strengthening of the most barbaric and reactionary forces there.

If you want Ukraine to also turn into a mountain of gravel, then this is a reliable, proven path.

We urge you to understand that the policy of the bourgeois states is aimed at serving the interests of large groups of capital.

This is what makes war inevitable. You can console yourself with the illusion that your state is peaceful and that you can influence the bourgeois government and prevent bloodshed. Liberal pacifists in Russia can see right now that such hopes are groundless. By choosing capitalism, you automatically choose war.

Negotiations — immediately!
Ceasefire — immediately!
Peace to the huts, war to the palaces!

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